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Reiki and Massage Therapy by Nataliya Peck

Please, read before making appointment if you consider using insurance to pay for your massage therapy visits.
No-fault, Slip-n-fall and Workman's comp

If you have No-Fault Vehicular Accident, Slip-n-fall or Workman's Comp case, we might be able to fulfill your Therapeutic Massage prescription. Please, inquire with your MD and insurance adjuster if you qualify.
Prior to making your appointment, we will need: 
  • A prescription for Therapeutic Massage with your full name, date of birth, contact information, date of injury (date of loss), diagnosis, frequency and amount of treatments prescribed, singed by a physician managing your case. Please, ask that your physician includes billing codes corresponding to your diagnosis. Prescriptions without diagnosis and codes will not be admitted.
  • Name of insurance company covering this case.
  • Your claim/case number
  • Name and contact information of your adjuster.
  • You or your MD can send us these information via fax: 1-866-477-1504​,
 or you may schedule a free consultation and bring all your paperwork in person.
 Please, do not schedule your first appointment before we verified your coverage. Use "Contact Us" button for any insurance related inquiries.

Professional Unions and Medical Flex-Spending Accounts.
 Some companies and unions reimburse their members and/or employees for massage therapy visits. Please, inquire with your HR or union for details. 
  • You may make your appointment via online booking system, call/text or email an any time. We charge our regular prices for these visits.
  • You can use your medical flex-spending account debit card to pay or cash/credit card and get reimbursed from your employer later.
  • We will provide all necessary paperwork required for your reimbursement.
  • These are wellness/maintenance type of visits and not a medical massage, so medical massage rates do not apply. Refer to our regular prices for details. 
  • Medical referral or prescription are not needed in order to receive your massage service, but might be necessary for your reimbursement. Please, inquire with your employer/union for details.

HMAA Members
  • I am proud to participate in HMAA Wellness and Membership Plus programm.
  • I offer special discount of 20% on all our services for HMAA members with valid medical IDs. 
  • There is no need for medical referral or prescription to make an appointment of to receive a discount.
  • Please use my online 24/7 booker or call/text one of our numbers to book.
Got Insurance Claim?
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Insurance coverage for massage:

*I accept No-Fault, Slip-n-fall and Workman's Comp cases. Please, read requirements for those cases on the left.
Electrician's Union and other Professional Unions. I am not a contracted provider for them, but can submit paperwork to get you reimbursed. No medical referral/prescription needed. Book any time online or over the phone.
* Medical Flex-Spending Debit Cards are accepted.

   Only cases pre-approved by Nataliya will be billed to insurance.    Any other scheduled appointments are client's financial responsibility.

   Medical massage is billed at $32 per unit (1 unit = 15 minutes).  Medical Massage is Therapeutic massage prescribed by a patient's primary care physician as a part of their insurance covered injury case.
   In case of denial or unreasonable delay of payments by your insurance company, it is the client's financial responsibility to pay for the services received.
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