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Owl: Wisdom and Transformation. 
Koi: Vitality and Prosperity. 
Lotus: Healing and Serenity.

Love and Business

   There is an unspoken rule to keep personal and professional lives separately in order to succeed in both. We didn't get the memo. Unique Bodyworks would not exist if we haven't met and fell in love with each other and healing arts. Our first dates besides obvious flirting, were filled with passionate discussions about our future healing center. Our business ideas got married long before we did. 
   As massage therapists and healers, we have experienced many different work environments and learned what works and what doesn't. Our dream was to create a company where a massage therapist was a star, a place where people could connect with the best body-workers and where body-workers could practice their art in safety, comfort and integrity. We hated the idea of branding, treatment protocols, and cookie-cutter services that we ourselves were subjected to throughout our professional careers working in numerous spas and clinics. We did not want to be micromanaging overbearing bosses who "knew better", because we understood: that doesn't work. Massage therapy is a healing art, body-workers are artists, and artists need space to create. 
   On the other hand, being frequent recipients of  bodywork treatments, we had a few ideas of what our clients might like. It is very simple: generally, people who seek massage therapy want to feel better. Yes, a sparkling fancy spa is a nice thing to experience, but if you are in pain, all you want is to get rid of it. With that in mind, our focus was on simple space with extraordinary service providers who knew how to get rid of pain and discomfort.
   And lastly, we went into a business with the idea of eventually creating a steady income for our family, while enjoying what we do. We wanted to find that fine balance between time, dedicated to work, raising our children, and nourishing our relationship. 
After many trials and tribulations, few bumps and bruises, and the "aha!" moments, we created a business model that resembles an equilateral triangle: an angle of management, an angle of service providers, and an angle of customers. In order for our business to thrive the three angles need to be equally happy. Customers are happy with providers and management, providers are happy with management and customers, and management is happy with providers and customers. All three are equally important.
   Though the idea of Unique Bodyworks was born in 2007 and separately we had years of self-employed experience, our official start was in June 1st, 2014 marked by sub-leasing a one-room office in Makai Medicine center. From there we moved into a slightly bigger one-room office and in December 2015 we signed a lease for our current location. It is simple and cozy, with two treatment rooms,a waiting area and a small office. We love our business home and are continuously working on ways to improve its looks and feel. 
    To put together our team we conducted quite a few interviews. We looked for those well-educated, compassionate, versatile, intelligent, open-minded, unique, eager to grow true artists of their trade, with compatible personalities and gifted healing hands. We were blessed to attract just the right people. Our team looks more like a circle of friends who work together than a strict compartmentalized business structure. We joke, we share our worries, we point out each other's short-comings, and praise strong sides. Luckily we got just the right chemistry for peaceful and productive co-existence in a small and dynamic settings. And a happy team takes care of the customers the best!
   Next step was to create a seamless stress-less working system with minimal human resources. To streamline communications between our customers and us as well as give a clear and informative way for our prospective customers to meet us before actually meeting us, we took full advantage of all the modern digital miracles. Our arsenal includes this website, 24/7 online Booker, point of sale systems, digital medical billing software, emails and text-messaging.  
    Thinking of ways to encourage regular massage therapy care and to reward our clients, we created packages, monthly plans and monthly specials with substantial discounts. 
    Our service menu is another piece of this business mosaic. We always make sure to explore our team's talents and continuously update the offerings to reflect the latest development of their skills. 
    Our business love-affair came to fruition in a form of this living breathing company that is organically growing with its customers, service providers and management. For us, it has been a wonderful adventure that gets better with each day. We are inviting you to come and experience our passion for healing arts and genuine care for your well-being. Feel better while supporting a local family business.

James and Nataliya Peck

Hawaii State License #MAE 3078